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Episode Summary

Welcome to Episode 10 of The Choose Kindness Podcast!! Thank you so much for your endless support! In this episode, I chat with Krystal Aziz and Tim Evans about their efforts with their own podcast, Connect Kindness. Krystal and Tim share the meaning behind their mantra "Share, Give, Do" and why they founded Connect Kindness. They give insight into what kindness means to them and why everyone should try being kind for one day. Thank you for listening!

Episode Notes

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Krystal Aziz 

"I was born and raised in New York City. As a kid, I was exposed to glass skyscrapers, but also homeless people at every corner. It opened my eyes that life can take you in two directions, but you are in control of your future. At a young age, I chose to start giving back to my community, reading to the elderly, selling to raise money for a good cause, and even giving away my clothes to other kids when I would travel the world on our family vacations.

Being able to see the world, has had a huge influence on the person I am today. I have been exposed to local cultures in Cambodia, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, and Brazil that are not as developed as us here in the United States along with one of the richest cities in the world, Dubai. Witnessing the amount of money & resources in this world is the exact reason Connect Kindness became an idea. I’ve always wanted to do something bigger than just myself and this platform is creating a central location for people to get connected with different organizations that are making an impact on the community.

Everyone has that one organization that is meaningful to them, mine is the Arthritis Foundation, which is featured on this page. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 18 years old, which is a crippling disease. At a young age, that is a pretty hard thing to hear, but it hasn’t stopped me yet! To me, time is not guaranteed so why not spend every healthy moment spreading love and kindness."

Tim Evans 

"Growing up in Houston, TX during the 80’s and 90’s, I always remember being involved in sports and activities. My loving mother kept me out of trouble by signing me up for every sport and our weeks were filled with practices and games. She also instilled in me the importance of empathy and kindness for friends and family.

In contrast to the founder, Krystal, I was not exposed to volunteering outside of my circle of friends and loved ones. Hurricane Harvey changed my perspective and fueled my desire to give back. My mother’s house suffered catastrophic damage from Harvey and it amazed me how total strangers came to her rescue and offered to help muck out her home out of the kindness of their heart. The amount of love shown from total strangers has forever changed me. By starting Connect Kindness we are hoping to inspire others to reach out a hand for others through love and kindness, which will make this world a happier place."

A note from the Host: 

As someone who was personally impacted by bullying, I believe that we have to have an ongoing dialogue about it and also share stories of hope with those that need to hear them most. I am hoping to manifest never-ending kindness. 

Remember to stay strong, always focus on the light, and choose kindness forever and always. I can't wait to hear from you!


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